Welcome to the game that will literally blow your mind!


“It's Been Emotional" a new strategic card game; unleash powerful emotions against your opponents, ride the emotional roller coaster, fend off attacks, survive the onslaught.....


The game includes over 160+ playing cards, 80 powerful emotion cards split into 10 different families identified by unique colour themes and power traits


Features game-changing  Pick-Me-Up’s & Putdown’s, which boost or hinder your chances.


 Change the course of the game with random DRAMA cards, because who doesn't like a bit of chaos and let's not forget the all-powerful BRAINFART cards to block your opponents at every turn.


Up the ante by playing MISSION mode with specific win conditions for the ultimate test. 


Expansion packs including NSFW and new armies and new powers that will literally blow your mind!!!


LAUNCHING SPRING 2020 - see below for ways to support us

Find out more about the Game, its Mechanics, Rules, and Characters




 Help make the game a reality, get exclusive content and influence its creation.

Campaign launching in March/April

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What can we say, "Its Been Emotional" -

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Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom


We don’t pretend to be experts on the subject of Emotions and whilst much of the game is based on well understood principles or theories around emotions, this is still aiming to be a fun game first and not a substitute for professional help or advice and guidance. If the game helps make talking about emotions just a little easier, as a by-product of having fun, then fantastic.