What's in the Box

EMOTIONS:  There are 80 character cards, split into 10 cards per colour theme each with their own unique power traits 

DRAMA: There are currently 24 cards, which when laid, unleash havoc on the game in a serious of random events 

PICK ME UP: There are currently 15 cards, their powers are activated when added to your MOOD, giving you an advantage over other players...but be warned they can be stolen or destroyed at any moment 

PUT DOWNS:  There are currently 15 cards, play these against opponents who are forced to add to their MOODS, they experience dreadful side effects...... but remember what comes around goes around... 

BRAINFART: There are currently 14 cards, these can be played instantly during any players turn to wreck plans, seek revenge or just to cause chaos!, these cards stack: other BRAINFART's can cancel the BRAINFART and undo the chaos - so on and on it goes! 

MISSION: Choose to play with or without these special object cards of which there are currently 15 cards. Drawn at random and assign to each player - these will set specific and difficult WIN Conditions such as collecting certain cards to win or win without playing certain cards 

Rules Leaftlet and Quick Reminder Cards: 

Errm .... a leaflet...  containing the rules...   and cards which act as.... errrmmm..... quick reminder of the rules! 1 x Rules Leaflet and 8 x quick reminder cards


Ensure to separate out the MISSION and RULE cards (White back ) from the rest of the main playing cards (Black back).

Shuffle the DECK (all black backed cards) and deal 4 cards face down to each player to form their initial playing HAND. Put the remaining cards into the center of the playing space to form the DRAW Pile.


The youngest, smallest, tallest or shortest - You decide!

Each player takes a turn moving clockwise and each turn is made up of 4 different phases:


START :   Activate powers from the MOOD

DRAW:   Take 1 card, forgot power .. Too Late!

PLAY:      Play 1 card or DRAW 1 card

END:        DISCARD cards over the HAND limit (no more than 8 cards in your hand)


Play with MISSION cards;  shuffle MISSION cards, dealing one (face-down) to each player.   You can choose to allow one swap, in which case shuffle the returned mission into the pack and allow player to select a new mission. 


The first to collect 8 emotion cards (+ meet MISSION objectives) in their MOOD wins. Make the victory sweeter by exclaiming:  "It’s Been Emotional"


To win the game you must obtain 8 EMOTIONS in your MOOD

EMOTION cards have powers some of which are reliant on HIDDEN EMOTION's which in turn have no power.  PICKMEUP’s and PUT DOWN’s are also stored in the MOOD.

Card Types



The base game is made up of 8 core EMOTION family's identified by colour banners at the top of the card. Each EMOTION theme has its own unique POWER trait 



These random cards can change the course of the game, effecting one or more players.



Play anytime to stop someone playing a card and ruin their plans in an instant. 



These cards provide a positive effect when added to your MOOD. If you forgot to use their effects….too bad



These cards provide a negative effect when added to your MOOD. Players must adhere to the effects of the card



Play the game with or without these MISSION cards which give each player secret objectives & win criteria making the game more challenging and certain bring out more emotions!!!